Ryan Reynold's New Movie Is His Weirdest Yet

Who knew that pets could be an accessory to murder? If that sounds absolutely insane, just take a look at the trailer for The Voices starring Ryan Reynolds as Jerry, a factory worker whose cat encourages him to commit murder. And, as if this entire plot couldn't get any more maniacal, check this out — Jerry's dog just so happens to be the voice of reason in this situation. Seriously.

To anyone who doesn't know whether to give their pets a serious side-eye or hold them a little bit closer right about now, I completely understand your confusion.

Since The Voices is pegged as a horror comedy, I'll assume its intent isn't to ruin bonds between families and their pets. As the first English-language film from Persepolis director Marjane Satrapi, it's just an extraordinarily strange story about a guy with a mental disorder who, after way too many heavy imaginary conversations with his pet dog and cat (yes, they talk back), is goaded into killing a woman he's interested in (played by Gemma Arterton). No word on whose idea it was to store her head in a fridge and periodically talk to it as well (yes, this actually happens in the film), though.

The Voices also stars Jacki Weaver and Anna Kendrick, and is set to open in select U.S. theaters on Feb. 6.

Check out the weird trailer below: