A Sloth Sanctuary Is an Adorable Thing That Exists

Sloths! Our slow-paced, lazy Internet darlings. What's not to love? Sloths are goofy, always look like they're grinning, and are basically the friendliest-looking animals in the world. Plus, all they do is sleep and eat all day, and I can really respect those lifestyle choices. For a more vivid glimpse into the life of a sloth, and a sloth keeper, this video, produced by Vice, reveals exactly what goes down in Costa Rica's sloth sanctuary, Aviarios Del Caribe—the only sloth sanctuary in the world.

The best part of the video, is when "legendary sloth whisperer" Judy Arroyo shows us her baby sloths, some of whom have been abandoned by their moms because they either failed to cling on, or Mom Sloth sensed that they weren't healthy enough to survive in the wild. Oh, animal kingdom, you're such an unforgiving beast sometimes.

The video profiles sloths, like orphanage favorite Delilah, who will pull a towel over her head in the morning so that she doesn't have to wake up. I so feel you, girl. There's also Sid, who likes to slow dance with the sloth keepers. Most of all, I love how each and every sloth is treated like the prince and princess that they are. The world isn't all bad, you guys! Some people are doing the good work.

Image: YouTube