16 Stunning and Affordable Ways to Use Pink in a Grown-Up Apartment

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Long before Elle Woods burst into Harvard like a sparkly pink comet, there were people like my mother, who was obsessed with pink before it was cool. I do not use the word “obsessed” lightly: Our kitchen is entirely pink, and because apparently the pinksanity is genetic, so is my entire childhood bedroom and a large percentage of things that I presently own. Which presents an interesting challenge: How is one supposed to incorporate this wonderful color into their homes once they've outgrown dollhouses and cotton candy-colored curtains? How does pink fit into a grown-up home?

There are so many reasons to embrace the pink in your life. For starters, it looks good with just about any color in the rainbow. Also, the color genuinely makes people happier (GUYS, I practically don’t even need coffee!...OK, that was a bit drastic, but still, pink is powerful.)

The other good news is that there is a pink out there for everyone, whether you’re looking for a blush pink to add subtle sophistication to a room, or a bright statement pink that will pop out and start the party. I promise I’m not trying to convert you all and drag you to Planet Pink. It’s just that we can all benefit by having some classy touches of it in our grown-up apartments, not just the rooms we had as kids. This slideshow has all sorts of tips for ways you can either DIY some pink flair or find the perfect touch to buy online.

Image: Vintage Revivals

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