Blake Lively Surprised Amber Tamblyn With Her Baby

It's lovely that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants girls are still such good friends, despite how different they all seem to be. This is especially apparent considering Amber Tamblyn's recent reveal to People that Blake Lively surprised her with her own baby. Though it's a cute story, it's also kind of bizarre.

Apparently, Lively was texting Tamblyn about wallpaper, not mentioning the fact that she'd had a baby. As Tamblyn tells People:

"I went up there and I didn't know, everybody knew but me, and she does that s--- to me. She was texting me about wallpaper, she was like, 'You gotta come see my new wallpaper,' and I went up there, and there was her baby."

Firstly, of course Lively was texting about wallpaper. I bet 90% of her texts are related to home decor.

The weird part is: how did Amber Tamblyn not know that Lively had a baby? Everyone and their technophobic mother knew about it. Does she not have internet, or stand in line at grocery stores? All the publicity aside, isn't there some kind of Traveling Pants group chat that keeps on top of such news?

Tamblyn told People this strange tale, jokingly calling Lively a bitch, at fellow pants-wearer America Ferrara's husband's art show. Where was Alexis Bledel in all of this? Probably hanging out with Pete Campbell. Tamblyn confirmed that they have all been to visit, and they are all godmothers to baby Violet, which is very cute.

Now it's possible that this occurred shortly after the birth, before the tabloids (and the Sisterhood group chat) picked up on it. In which case, I commend Lively for being up to scheming so soon after giving birth. That seems more worthy of Blair Waldorf than Serena van der Woodsen.