Her School Photoshopped Her Yearbook Photo

From missing limbs to extra junk in the front, Photoshopping, once a simple tool used to make a few adjustments, overlay text on images, or crop a lone object out of an image, has since become a sort of Public Enemy No. 1 in the fashion industry's Digital Age. While it has unfortunately become common to see a widened thigh gap in a celebrity's Instagram photo, one hasn't necessarily been able to say the same for us commoners, who simply rely on a filter to take away a blemish or two. That is, however, until girls at a high school became outraged when they found out that their school ID photos had been drastically retouched.

According to Jezebel, a Reddit user from an unnamed all-girls high school posted a before-and-after photo of her school ID, in which she says the after photo looks nothing like her. She says that students are told that their pictures will be edited to wipe out blemishes, but didn't know that the final look would result in what she calls a "prettier twin sister." That "sister's" face has been thinned, under-eye bags are smoothed away, lipstick is darkened and skin has been recolored. What's more saddening is that the disheartened student in the photo says that she has grown to love her round face and to see it thinned is in complete opposition to the body positivity that her school often encourages among its students. Clearly, intense photo editing doesn't do much to a girl's self-esteem, not a woman of any age, for that matter.

In an update posted to Reddit, the user said that after meeting with her school, the staff decided that the untouched images of students will be published in the school's yearbook. She also wrote that she hopes that "the issue of photoshopping gets the attention it deserves." That's one small step for woman- and mankind.

Images: love_a_good_ood/Reddit