Ranking 22 'Bachelor' Contestants Still Fighting For Chris Soules — There Can Only Be One Winner, After All

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It may be early in The Bachelor game, but it's never too soon to start trying to figure out who Chris Soules is going to pick as the woman he will (fingers crossed) spend the rest of his life with. Of course, the spoilers are out there if you want them, but I prefer to play the game. Guessing which Bachelor constestant Chris might pick is half the fun, right?

And although we're only one episode in, eight of Chris's 30 women have already been sent home, leaving 22 hopefuls who will survive another week to vie for Prince Farming (ugh) and his obviously huge heart. I may not know much about the contestants aside from their initial, very short conversations with Chris and seeing how well they hold their liquor, but those two things can say a lot about how compatible they might be with our reigning bachelor.

Here are Chris's gals, ranked from least to most likely to win — and although I relied heavily on their ABC bios and the general vibe I got from them during the premiere, their limo introductions (which were way weirder this year) were definitely taken into consideration, too.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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