Castle's New Hobby Is Anything But Elementary

We've known for quite some time now that Richard Castle is a man of many talents. He's a famous author, incredible father, loving husband, and extremely savvy partner in crime (solving). However, Monday night's episode of Castle, "Castle, P.I." flipped the show's dynamic completely on its head by turning Castle into a private investigator, thereby forcing him to work separately, rather than alongside his band of cohorts at the 12th Precinct. In fact, it even turned into a competition as to who could solve the crime faster. And while, naturally, the episode reaffirmed that Castle and Beckett work best when they're together (obvs.), it seems the series still plans on keeping these two apart (work-wise) for the foreseeable future. But how will this change up effect the Castle and Beckett dynamic?

Well, for starters, they're certainly not going to have quite as much screen time together. Beckett made that pretty clear throughout the episode since the police aren't able to share confidential information with a Castle, even as a private eye. Which means fans can expect a lot less of their adorable brainstorming sessions. (*Sobs*) But not all hope is completely lost. Chances are, if Castle gets stuck on a case, Beckett would be more than willing to help out in some capacity. Not to mention that it could also make their private moments together all the more special since they'd no longer be seeing each other every minute of every day.

However, it can't be denied that this will create a definite upset between our two lead stars no matter what. I mean, solving crimes together was kinda their thing. So now that it's been taken away, it's hard to know for sure where that'll leave our power couple. Though it should be mentioned that Beckett is being extremely supportive over this whole thing. After seeing how well Castle handled a case by himself, she went out and bought him a Sherlock-esque hat and a magnifying glass as a symbol of support for his latest endeavor.

Now does this mean Castle will somehow morph into another version of Sherlock? Not necessarily, but given this romantic gesture, all deductive signs indicate that it could be heading in that direction. But if Castle is Sherlock, then who is his Watson? Normally, I would say Beckett (though, in all honesty, she's more of the Sherlock in their relationship). However, if the writers choose to keep them apart, then could another partner come into play?

I certainly don't like the sound of that, especially if it causes friction between our two newlyweds. Perhaps Beckett will leave the precinct altogether and go work with Castle in the P.I. sector?

The game is on!

Images: Colleen Hayes/ABC; Giphy