Did 'Castle' Just Tease a Pregnancy Plot?

We knew when Castle returned things would be different. Not just because it's the start of a whole new year, but also due to the fact that poor Rick Castle is no longer allowed to work at the 12th Precinct. (Thanks a lot, mob!) That's pretty big news considering the general premise of this show is centered mainly around Castle and Beckett solving crimes together. I mean, if you take that away, what's left? Well, Monday night's winter premiere episode "Castle, P.I." looked to answer a few of those questions by turning our beloved writer into an official private investigator. And while the concept of Castle branching out on his own is certainly amusing (at least for now), it turns out the writers may have an even bigger storyline up their sleeves for the not-so-distant future. I'm talking about a Castle and Beckett baby!

That's right, folks. A bouncing bundle of Caskett joy could be on the way and soon if this episode is any indicator. And before you ask, no this is not just one of my fan fiction fantasies gone wild (for once). It was something the couple actually referenced themselves. You didn't miss it, did you? Basically, while they were conducting two separate investigations at an elite preschool, Beckett became perplexed at how competitive parents could get in regards to where their child attended school. This prompted Castle to assure her that it's pretty typical behavior since parents will do practically anything for their kids. "You'll see," he remarked right before the two of them gave each other a distinct look.

I should confess that at this point I proceeded to make nonsensical girlish squeals at my TV screen for at least two solid minutes. (Yes, I am a grown woman, and no, I don't have any regrets. Moving on.) It may have been a brief interaction, but it's enough for any diehard Castle fan to get excited about. We've known that they eventually want to have kids together, but this gave the distinct impression that we won't have to wait too much longer (maybe just nine months perhaps?) to see this plan actually come to fruition. Now I'm not saying that Beckett is already pregnant or anything, but she could be in the very near future. Why else would the writers make such a point of bringing it up?

Of course, this isn't the first time the series has teased the thought of a Caskett pregnancy. Remember last season when Castle and Beckett hung out with a baby for an entire episode and it was pretty much the most adorable thing ever? And yet, it's over a year later and we still find ourselves baby-less. So I suppose I could be jumping the gun here. Or maybe, just maybe, the moment has finally arrived. And the timing really couldn't be any better. Now that Castle and Beckett are no longer working together, there needs to be another way to help keep this power couple united each and every week. Getting pregnant offers the perfect opportunity.

Plus, the thought of seeing Nathan Fillion interact with a baby on a weekly basis is kind of amazing…

I rest my case.

Images: Colleen Hayes/ABC; always100coffees/Tumblr