Paris Hilton's New Dog is Too Cute for Words

Paris Hilton's dogs are celebrities in their own right. Remember back in 2004 when Tinkerbell disappeared and made national news? That was so scary (and a bit bizarre). Luckily, Hilton got back her beloved pup! That was 10 years ago, but her dogs are just as newsworthy now. According to Instagram, Paris Hilton got another dog — Princess Paris Jr.! Yup, she named the dog after herself. (Personally, I'm a fan of this idea, since it reminds me of Lorelai/Rory Gilmore.) In case you're keeping track, this micro-mini teacup Pomeranian is Hilton's eighth dog and quite possibly the cutest one yet.

Before we get to the dog photos (which trust me, you need to see!), I have more news to share. Page Six reports that Paris Hilton is hiring a full-time nanny to look after the dog. They cite a source, who says,

She is thinking about getting the dog its own nanny. It’s so small she needs someone to feed it as if it were a newborn baby.

Not sure if this is just a silly rumor, but if not, can I please apply? Playing with Paris's dogs all day sounds like a dream job. Maybe she can have a reality show Paris Hilton's New Doggy Nanny, just like MTV's Paris Hilton's My New BFF . If so, sign me up!

Now the moment you've been waiting for: pictures of Paris Jr! For the fun of it, let's see how Paris Jr. compares to Paris Sr., aka her mom. Here's a list of things they have in common.

They Love the Color Pink

Check out the pup, just chilling in a pink bag. Paris also is a fan of pink handbags. They're practically twins!

They're Natural Models

Get this dog on the cover of Vogue, stat! She's already perfected the art of smizing.

They Have the Same Mannerisms

Whoa! Did anyone else watch that video and feel like they were watching someone look in the mirror?

They Know When to Be Serious

Those faces say "Don't mess with us!"

They're Stars on the Red Carpet

Here they are at the World Dog Awards. Because yes, dogs deserve awards shows too.

They're Obsessed With Instagram

Yup, this pup has its own social media account! (And way more followers than I ever will have in my entire life.)

They Can't Stop Taking Selfies

This one speaks for itself.

That list may have been an excuse to stare at cute puppy photos... But either way, it looks like Paris Jr. lives up to her name! It's only a matter of time before she's starring in her own season of The Simple Life, right?

Image: Paris Hilton/Instagram