That 'Bach' Tent Scene Isn't What We Think It Is

Every season, host Chris Harrison always says that this season of The Bachelor will be nothing like we've ever seen before, and in Chris Soules' case, Harrison might actually be right. After the unusually dramatic season premiere that included unexpected limo arrivals involving things like pig noses and karaoke and ended in a rather drunken rose ceremony that lasted until sunrise, I think I can safely say that we're in for a hell of a season. Need more proof? Check out the extended Bachelor preview for the rest of the season that aired at the end of the premiere. There are a lot of things in that promo that I have questions about, but one of them stuck out to me: The part when one of the girls climbed into the tent to presumably have sex with Chris.

In case you haven't seen the trailer, here it is, in all its glory (below). It looks like Chris and some (maybe all?) of the women are on a camping trip, and one of them sneaks into Chris' tent. The preview makes it look like sexytimes ensue, but really, anything could be going on in that tent. I'm not naive enough to think they're playing Jenga or something, but it really could be as innocent as a late night makeout sesh.

And while I generally don't make other people's sex lives my personal business, when it's on The Bachelor, it does tend to drum up a little curiosity out of me — especially since having sex pre-Fantasy Dates is a general no-no for the contestants. It's not so much a problem that one of them would have sex with Chris (hello, modern dating), it's just that her fellow hopefuls are probably not going to take too kindly to it. Really unkindly to it, in fact. Drama alert!

If you're interested in finding out exactly what happened and want to be spoiled, Reality Steve, as usual, has the answers. For the unspoiled — and it's far more fun to watch The Bachelor unspoiled, in my opinion — it's too early in the game to guess exactly who might be in that tent. There's nobody I'm prepared to call out just yet, and I like I said earlier: Anything could be happening in that tent. It could be Jimmy Kimmel, for all I know.

I'm just hoping that what happens in the tent doesn't affect the girl in question's chances of staying in the competition... and that it doesn't end up making her a ton of enemies in the mansion. After all, we've seen how Ashley S. handles those who take too much time with Chris and while I'm not looking to The Bachelor for realistic depictions of women on television, tent sex is the sure-fire way to ensure we get the exact opposite of that for the rest of the season.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)