Kate Mara isn't Holding Grudges At The Globes

We knew the Golden Globes red carpet would be swarming with Hollywood's finest looking as unfairly attractive as ever. However, there was one particular couple that I doubt anyone was expecting to see together. Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara arrived on the Golden Globes red carpet together in what appeared to be a very date-like setting. This should bring serious flashbacks crashing (pun intended) into your brains — after all, the two got pretty hot and heavy on screen together in House of Cards. (You know, until Spacey's character — spoiler alert! — Frank Underwood literally threw her under the bus… or subway train if we want to get really technical about it. I guess this means she forgives him?) But, of course, just because they played a couple on TV doesn't mean they are one. Spacey and Mara are not actually dating, they're just Golden Globe dates. Still, who else is feeling fond(?) memories of Season 1?

This wasn't the first interesting date Spacey brought to an awards show, though. It should be mentioned that back during the Emmys, Spacey brought CNN journalist Ashleigh Banfield, who also appeared on House of Cards as the reporter who interviewed Frank's wife, Claire. Also, reportedly Mara broke up with her boyfriend, Max Minghella, back in August, so she was in need of a date for the Globes. But this is totally a co-star thing, guys.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe taking past costars to award shows is kinda Spacey's thing now? Either way, I have no doubt believing that Frank Underwood would definitely approve of having such lovely ladies in his company. Well done, Spacey, but we've got our eye on you! And as for you, Mara, maybe stay away from subways in the near future? Just a suggestion.

Image: Getty Images