J LO and Ryan Guzman Are Too Beautiful for Words

If you think you'll go blind from staring at the sun for too long, try looking at Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman at the 2015 Golden Globes, then you'll know the definition of blinded by beauty. J Lo brought her Boy Next Door co-star, Ryan Guzman, to the Globes this year, and while the friend-date can be brushed off as a photo opp for the upcoming movie, maybe there is something more to that? Maybe this is where we are in life that two of the most attractive people I've ever seen in my life get together for a super-coupledom? Or maybe it's just for press.

J Lo and Guzman star in the upcoming film (out Jan. 23) The Boy Next Door, where J Lo has a quick fling with her younger, underage neighbor, played by Guzman. While that sounds intriguing enough, Guzman's character goes a wee bit further by becoming a crazy stalker who threatens her family. Fun, right? Guzman has been in Pretty Little Liars and multiple Step Up movies. The two were arm in arm for press interviews and red carpet posing.

If the co-stars are good friends in real life, I've kindly come up with what they could do on outings together.

  • Take Ryan Seacrest's selfie stick and selfie themselves doing mundane things like washing dishes and folding clothes.
  • Stare into a mirror.
  • Pull up Snapchat and make really ugly faces that they'd never send to their friends, and laugh at how beautifully ugly they look.

Oh hi, Ryan:

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