Lupita Nyong'o Rocks Vintage Glasses at the Globes

After last year's Oscars, it was rumored that the ever-magical princess Lupita Nyong'o was dating our favorite Hipster prince Jared Leto. Because the two were spotted alone together at a hotel, and everyone proceeded to freak out. Of course. Lupita put those rumors to rest — joking that she wasn't dating her bestie because Miley Cyrus stole him. Imagine that relationship... But it's nights like these that you can seriously picture it. Jared Leto's braid and Lupita's cat-eye glasses would make for the most perfectly accessorized couple in the world. Hey, a girl can dream. Because if you thought her ombre Giambattista Valli gown couldn't get any better, well, try adding some retro eyeglasses to the equation and see what happens.

I'm sort of a hopeless romantic when it comes to vintage fashion — so, as you can imagine, these eyeglasses kind of stole my heart. As she stood beside Collin Farrel presenting an award, I couldn't even concentrate on the other amazing, talented people of the night. All I saw was Lupita. Her perfect face complemented by the perfect shades. Whilst I hope that her glasses really are prescription glasses, and not some kind of gateway into Brooklyn-Hipster-ism, they're pretty much magic no matter what:

So, to recap. Lupita wore the best dress. She's proven herself to be a nearly-perfect human. She's going to be in Star Wars. And she rocks eyeglasses like they've never been rocked before. I think I have a new celebrity crush, guys.

Images: Getty; Twitter