What Songs Will Be In Katy's Halftime Medley?

I'll be the first to admit that Super Bowl Sunday doesn't interest me. I usually send out a tweet along the lines of, "Ugh, why is there a football game during the Beyonce concert?" or something super hilarious like that. This year, my priorities haven't changed: I'd like to consume as many snacks involving cheese as humanly possible and watch a 12 and a half minute Super Bowl halftime performance by a Katy Perry and guest Lenny Kravitz, then flip back to the Puppy Bowl. In a recent interview with E!, Perry said of her Super Bowl halftime performance that we can expect a music medley of songs that we "hopefully know and love," and that she is planning on doing "all the songs that work," which has me asking, what songs will make it on to the field?

I love Perry. She's enthusiastic about this performance, which is evident in the interview she did with E!, but also very honored to be given the opportunity (she says she "out dreamt her dream," which is adorbs). And as a Katy Perry fan, I can't help but start guessing what songs are "the songs that work," and which ones will be left at the sidelines (that a sports term, right?). Here are the five songs we hope make it into Perry's Super Bowl halftime show.

"Dark Horse"

In which Kravitz is Juicy J. Obviously. If he can handle Hunger Games, I'm sure he can handle a little Juicy J rapping.


This really should be accompanied with actual fireworks, for show factor.


This really should be accompanied with live jungle cats, for show factor. Am I starting to ask for too much? If you want to one-up Beyonce bringing back Destiny's Child, you're going to need a friggin' jungle cat.

"Teenage Dream"

Because nostalgia is in, and this song is so 2010.

"Part of Me"

I'd like to think this is what the two football teams are blasting in the locker rooms to get pumped for the game.

Feel free to use these as a set suggestion Ms. Perry. I am also available to choreograph and jungle cat babysit during the off moments of the show.