Is Michael B. Jordan the Next Will Smith?

Michael B. Jordan's been acting for quite a while, but it seems to be this year, his career has really taken off. After his Oscar-buzz-inciting performance in Fruitvale Station, Jordan's life seems to be filled to the brim with meetings with highfalutin Hollywood people looking to cast him in, well, just about everything. The most recent of these? Apparently an Independence Day sequel is looking for some Jordan.

For those keeping track at home, Jordan's also been rumored to be in the running to play a Fantastic Four reboot's Johnny Storm. Oh, and as a mystery character in Star Wars Episode VII .

The actor, who first made his name as beloved teenage drug dealer Wallace in The Wire, and then as Vince Howard in the final stretch of Friday Night Lights, has expressed his desire to branch out from the more typical roles available black actors (read: A lot of ex-cons, unfortunately), and into roles that might be more surprising or compelling.

The first Independence Day starred Will Smith, perhaps the most notable black actor in recent history to do what Jordan wants to do in terms of getting cast in parts that could have just as easily gone to high-profile white actors. The Wrap reports that the studio is considering Jordan for the role, but that no official casting announcements will be made until around the holidays. It's also still unclear whether Smith would also return to the sequel.

Stayed tuned... for a couple of months.