No One Is Safe On 'Eye Candy'

I think I've found my next new TV obsession. MTV's newest scripted series Eye Candy premiered on Monday night with a bang. The series follows Victoria Justice as Lindy, a hacker girl with lots of past and present problems who learns she is being stalked by a serial killer she may have met through a dating app and must catch him with the help of the NYPD. She is also continuing the search for her sister who was kidnapped in front of her eyes three years prior. The series did a great job showing Lindy's backstory quickly and in an entertaining way, and wasted very little time getting to what many people probably tuned in to see in the first place: The horror of it all. Lindy finds out about her stalker/potential serial killer rather quickly in the pilot but the real horror comes at the end of the episode when her cop ex-boyfriend with whom she had just reconciled, Ben, was murdered.

For those who have heard of Eye Candy before thanks to the series' original subject material, a book by R.L. Stine (yes that R.L. Stine), you might have already guessed that Ben dies as he is already deceased when the book begins. But letting Lindy see the murder of her boyfriend thanks to the very serial killer that was stalking her, makes her obsession to catch the psychopath that much more justifiable.

I'm excited to see where the series will go next, it seems like Justice's Lindy definitely has the brains to find the killer though he's just as intelligent as she is but with the added bonus of being completely psychotic. Apparently his issue is that he is obsessed with finding perfection. Anyone who does not meet this criteria must be killed. So the real issue is whether or not Lindy is "perfect" enough to keep playing this sick, twisted game with her.

Aside from the psycho killer storyline are Lindy's friends Sophia and Connor who at the moment are too worried about Lindy's safety to really want to join her crusade to find the serial killer. But Lindy does have some help in the form of another hacker friend George who helps Lindy in her quest to help family and friends find any loved ones who go missing. There's no way he won't be involved in protecting Lindy and helping her find Ben's murderer. And finally there's Ben's partner Tommy who seems to be a sexual tension-y relationship with Lindy but also might have feelings for her. But of course, it always goes back to the killer storyline which gets the added creep factor of being told at times from the actual killer's point of view. Take for instance this sneak peek at next week's episode:

So clearly this guy needs to be caught. But at this point, it could be one of Lindy's dates from the dating app, or it could be anyone else. Who is Lindy to trust? Who are we to believe? Yea, I'm definitely going to keep watching this show.

Images: MTV