Macklemore's 'Sesame Street' Parody of "Thrift Shop" Is Amazing & Not That Different From the Original Video

No matter how many times you've heard it before, Macklemore's Sesame Street parody of "Thrift Shop" will make you love the song all over again. The musician teamed up with Oscar the Grouch and his other garbage pals for a new version of the popular tune that talks about wearing trash. It's basically the same idea as wearing weird $20 furs from a thrift shop, except you get your items from dumpster diving. The chorus explains it perfectly, with Macklemore stepping back and letting some Grouches sing it loud and proud: "I'm gonna pop some trash/Only got seven bags in my trash can/I'm, I'm shopping/Looking for some rubbish/This is grouchy awesome." (That last line may be "gross and awesome" or "grouchy awesome," but either way, it's awesome.)

Considering that Mackelmore is about to become a first-time dad since his fiancée is expecting a baby this year, it's the perfect time for him to have fun with the Sesame Street gang. Among the other fantastic lyrics are "Wouldn't you like to rock a fish on your noodle?/Wouldn't you like to wear the kit and kaboodle?" and "I wear my grouchy clothes/I look deplorable/I'm in this fish hat from the Grouch shop down the street." Bonus points for using the word "deplorable" in a kids' song, which I don't think has ever been done before. Watch the magical performance below.

Image: PBS