Oscar Nominees React To Best News Ever

Oh man, am I getting old or is time really just going by SO FAST? The Golden Globes JUST happened and here we are, early Thursday morning on January 15 awaiting for the 2015 Oscars nominations. Sigh. Well, I will enjoy all of these moments until awards season once again draws to a close and its back to normally scheduled programming. I will say, the road so far has been rather unexpected and exciting, with my personal favorite being Gina Rodriguez's Golden Globe win for Best Actress as her turn in Jane The Virgin. Her incredibly inspiring speech is what these awards are about, watching the actors we love be honored and letting us share in their win. And since the 2015 Oscars nominees were just announced, another personal season favorite is getting to see how the actual nominees react when given the news.

Well, since we won't be drinking our morning coffee with them in real life, just try to imagine being woken up by texts from your old friends Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong'o (among others) to congratulate you on this amazing achievement? Actually, it's too early for me to try to comprehend but for some lucky people this is their reality and they are sure reveling in it.

Here are some of this years 2015 Oscars nominees reacting to the incredible news on Twitter! Congratulations to all.


John Legend

Mark Ruffalo

Julianne Moore

Reese Witherspoon

Steve Carrell

Emma Stone

In a statement: "Well, this is surreal. I am completely knocked out. Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. I am very proud and lucky to be a part of Birdman and can't believe it came to this. I am so f--king excited. Are you allowed to say f--k when you're making a statement for the Oscars? I'm just really f--king excited."

Miles Teller

Eddie Redmayne

"I'm just trying to come to terms with it all...It's extraordinary!"

Benedict Cumberbatch

In a statement: "I am knocked for six by this. So excited and honoured to receive this recognition. It's wonderful to be included by the Academy in this exceptional year of performances. To ring my parents who are both actors and tell them that their only son has been nominated for an Oscar is one of the proudest moments of my life."

Felicity Jones

In a statement: "I never thought I would find out about an Oscar nomination in my PJs. It’s unbelievable. You make the film, and you never know how it’s going to turn out. This is a huge honor. This is a film and a part that I cared so deeply about. It was one of those projects that you can’t have any distance from. We were all so emotional and passionate about it."

More to come!