If 'Girls' Shared Their Closets with 'Friends'

These days, the Internet loves nothing more than a game of comparison. We simply love to sound off about how our favorite things stack up against each other and, even more so, have deep, philosophical discussions about how the past would assimilate into the present. Like, what would really happen if Friends jumped a decade and took place in 2015? Would Central Perk still exist? Would Phoebe be exactly the same except, obviously, living in Williamsburg? The possibilities are mind-blowing!

As voracious consumers and lovers of entertainment, we also can’t help but imagine the result of our beloved fictional worlds colliding with the real life one we live in each day. I mean, all hail the expertly styled costumes in Game of Thrones that capture our fascination, but what would the full modern-day wardrobe of all GOT characters look like? We have become a group that just needs to know the answers to these life-affirming fashion questions.

While I can philosophize about my favorite fictional characters and their up-to-the-minute IRL personas with the best of you, I have found myself at a slightly different imaginary crossroads, an intersection at which two groups of ladies we all love are in the midst of a mashup. What would happen if the women of Friends went shopping in the closets of our favorite Girls? Obviously, Phoebe Buffay and Jessa Johansson would just live together in one big hippie dream closet, but would Monica Geller favor Shoshanna Shapiro’s on-trend, yet slightly oddball ensembles? And would Rachel Green turn to Marnie Michaels when she needs a fashion fix? Also, would anyone want to dress like Hannah? I think it is only fair that we fully discuss what would happen if our Friends and our Girls shared clothes.

Before Attempting to Impress Joshua, While Acting as His Stylist at Bloomingdale's, Rachel Would...

...beg to borrow that dress Marnie wore to that art gallery that time she met that artist. Marnie Michaels art gallery style is this decade's Rachel Green à la Bloomingdale's style. Also, they both look good in everything, including relaxed demin and their pajamas with messy morning hair. Plus, they both dress like Real Housewives on the outside when they are really a hot mess on the inside, so it is only natural they would share their coats of armor. Not to mention, 2015 Rachel Green would be all over Marnie's high-waisted short shorts and, in regards to personal goals, would totally be the one to up and decide she was going to become a singer. For Marnie on the other hand, Rachel's many mini's, styled with tights, and superbly '90s heels would be must-haves, as well as her high-waisted wide-leg pants and, wait for it, lucky cheerleading uniform. She is working to figure out her life after all, circa Rachel post-Ross, and sometimes that calls for the extreme.

Before Heading to Central Perk to Strum "Smelly Cat" on the Guitar, Phoebe Would...

...obviously, stop by Jessa's to mix and match a crop top, sheer dress, and floppy hat. First of all, Phoebe Buffay and Jessa Johansson are the definition of kindred spirits. Phoebs in the '90s was the quirky, boho hippie –– long before Free People convinced the general public that peace and love were mainstream. Jessa is that rare bread of boho hipster, rooted in Phoebe's classic '70s hippie style and topped off with a grungy, punk rock twist. Basically, Jessa wears everything 2015 Phoebe would covet and their collective finds while thrift store shopping would be epic. It is easy to see our favorite massage therapist by day, musician by night rocking Jessa's modern hippie style while gigging it up at Central Perk. In all fairness to the reverse borrow, Jessa would clearly have her heart set on Phoebe's faux fur orange coat and floor-length, overall-type dresses of yore.

Before Heading Out for Her Date with Paul the Wine Guy, Monica Would...

...have to change out of the Juicy Couture track suit she secretly stole from Shoshanna three days ago. Mon would raid Shosh's closet for the sole reason that she would totally be the one in the Friends group that was into Juicy Couture track suits long after they were over –– that is a special type of bond. Monica knew how to fancy it up when it counted, though, and her on-trend style could definitely be described as '90s Tory Burch, making Shoshanna the perfect girl to closet share with. Also like Shosh, Monica was the last one to give away "her flower," and in 2015 would absolutely be the one to accidentally smoke crack and freak out, enlisting Phoebe/Jessa as her crack spirit animal. Clearly, if Shoshanna went back a decade, she would have tried to make cropped jersey's happen while committing herself to the patterned, collared button-downs and endless spaghetti strap shirts that Monica rocked. I mean, anyone who identifies as Carrie Bradshaw would have.

And When All Else Fails and the Friends Trip Just Needs Something Funky and Vintage...

...they would head over to Hannah's to grab something only she would own. Hannah Horvath is like a strange, one-of-a-kind combination of styles, which means she has something for everyone. If I had to break it down real quick, though, I would say Phoebe would swipe that lizard shirt in exchange for some sort of vest of the denim or cropped variety; Monica would borrow the famed yellow mesh tank (adding a layer underneath, of course) while lending out one of her normcore sweaters; and Rachel would go for one of Hannah's sleeveless, collared dresses after handing over her high-waisted denim. Who knew it would be like Grand Central station up in Hannah's closet?

I don't know about you, but I want to immediately raid all seven closets for a look that can only be referred to as marvelously multi-decade.

Images: Girls/HBO