Stella Thinks the Beauty Industry Needs Work

Stella McCartney is one of the most celebrated designers of her time — and with reason. She does things her way and she doesn't always go with everyone else's fashion flow. The daughter of Paul McCartney has a distinct point of view, a dedicated animal rights ethos, and her high-low mashup with Adidas brought fast fashion to the workout world. Now, Stella McCartney is launching a new fragrance in 2015 (which will be available in April) as well as focusing on her existing signature rose fragrance.

Naturally, McCartney has some strong and defined opinions on the current standards in the beauty industry and the flower that she loves and infuses her scents with.

In a new chat with Style, McCartney spoke candidly about what she thinks the beauty industry is doing wrong; her skincare range plans (or lack thereof); and how the equation of scent and sex can make people feel bad due to presentation — something she hopes to rectify. She also espoused the virtues of "It" model Lara Stone, who fronts the campaign, because, how could she not?!

These are the six things we learned about Stella McCartney's perspective on the beauty world and how her brand navigates and challenges that corner of the world.

1. She Is Rose Obsessed, But Only In One Way


Her classic perfume is actually the only rosy fragrance that I like other than the actual flower itself. McCartney admits she is "a bit obsessed" since she grew up on an organic farm in the countryside, so roses are familiar. But it's the smell of the flower, not the look, that she loves. She confessed, "I'm not as obsessed with the way they look: I think they're the most beautiful flowers, but for me, the rose has to smell."

2. She Was Undeterred By Thorns

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When she was creating her fragrance, McCartney learned, through trial and error, that rose is the hardest scent to work with and "people avoid it like the plague." But she trudged forward and feels like she brought rose back into the world of fragrance, thorns and all!

3. Lara Stone Is Like Her Girl Crush


Lara Stone is fronting the new fragrance campaign, with McCartney saying she wanted someone who projected "strength and fragility." The designer said, "We chose to shoot her in a state of complete nature, and I just think she’s stunning. She has what I think the fragrance is all about: femininity and sensuality. She’s not overtly sexy in the images either… We just wanted to say, 'This is Lara Stone. God, I want to be her, but I can still identify with her, and I don’t feel like she’s unattainable to me.'"

4. Oversexed Fragrance Ads Can Make You Feel Bad


McCartney's viewpoint is that perfume ads can actually make you feel "a bit insecure and bad about yourself" and that the imaging is often all about sex. But that's not what drives her with beauty or perfume. Instead, she feels "the beauty giants of the world should really just get their sh*t together," since some of their viewpoints are too old-school.

5. The Care Brand Is Not Coming Back

Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her vegan skincare line Care is not making a comeback just yet since she wants to further celebrate the fragrances. She does want the skincare brands to do their homework and consumers to realize that "it's so much more than just slapping on a thick cream that some massive conglomerate has told you is going to make you younger." Truth.

6. No Vapid Models On Her Runways, Thank You Very Much


Beauty, for McCartney, is about what you say and think, not how you look. "I’m more interested in beauty from within and what women have to say," she noted. "I want that to come out on the runway. I want my models to have an attitude, an identification. I don’t want brain-dead 12-year-olds. I want to have life."

Amen, sister.

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