Psychic Says Emma Watson & Harry Styles Will Date

Could Harry Styles and Emma Watson be the next big celeb couple? Psychic Dean "Midas" Maynard thinks so. Maynard told Heat magazine that Harry Styles and Emma Watson will be together by the end of 2015. Now it's important to remember that this is just one person's prediction and should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, another astrologer recently said that they thought Styles would reconnect with an old flame this year (possibly Kendall Jenner or Taylor Swift). So this is not to say that a Styles-Watson courtship is bound to happen, especially since Styles is reportedly dating model Nadine Leopold at the moment, according to Us Weekly magazine. But keeping that in mind, it is fun to play a game of what-if, because there are a few reasons these two would definitely make for a great power couple.

If Styles and Watson did get together by the end of this year, a lot of the initial hype would probably focus on their looks. After all, both are well-known for their sex appeal to some of their fans and both are also known for their strikingly good fashion senses. They looked like a glamorous pair in the photos from last year's British Fashion Awards, and that was just as friends. If they were a couple, just imagine how many cameras would be flashing when they made their red carpet debut, hand in hand.

But even after the excitement over the pair cooled off a bit, they could still solidify their status as a power couple through deeper and more important commonalities, such as shared enthusiasm for feminist movements and for their impressive work ethics in terms of career. They reportedly hung out together in December at a soccer game, so hey, it's always a possibility.

As seen from the photo above, you have to admit, this would be quite the photogenic couple.

And speaking of photos, Styles publicly supported Watson for a cause much more important than dressing well.

Shortly after Watson made her legendary UN speech on gender equality last year, Styles was quick to show his alliance with her on social media. While this is a positive step for him as an individual, shared passion for a similar cause is undoubtedly a plus when it comes to relationships.

Another thing they are both passionate about are their careers. Though they are both still young, it is undeniable that both have worked very hard to get to the level of fame that they have today, Watson in film and Styles in music. Though they probably both have busy schedules, they could possibly form a strong bond over a shared work ethic. What could be better than a relationship where both parties motivate each other?

Last but not least, they already have a connection as friends. It's often been said that some of the best relationships start off as friendships. As of right now, nothing romantic has been confirmed, but if something does develop, they already have a partnership to stand on, which can only be a positive thing for this potential power couple.

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Hmmm.... We shall see!

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