Why Ben Affleck Was All Over Twitter Last Night

What would we do without Kanye West? Has any other celebrity brought us so much entertainment, both manufactured and completely unintentional? In case you haven't heard already, on Thursday night, West went completely crazy on Twitter, ripping Jimmy Kimmel into shreds in response to a spoof the late night host made of one of West's interviews.

It's not exactly news that West barely has a sense of humor and cannot take a joke at his expense, but this latest rant might've been his best so far. Especially since Kimmel's spoof was innocent enough — the late night host parodied West's recent BBC interview with a recreation starring a kid dressed as the rapper. Pretty outrageous, huh? Really, West should have just taken some advice from girlfriend Kim Kardashian — when the SNL aired a sketch lampooning the reality star's wedding to Kris Humphries, she and her family were able to laugh at themselves and some even posted the video to their blogs.

Not Kanye. Instead, he had to go on an ALL CAPS Twitter rant, slamming Kimmel every way he could think of. He brings up Kimmel's ex Sarah Silverman, says some crude things, and even tries to turn Kimmel into a meme — guys, West has seen Spongebob Squarepants. Unfortunately for West, Kimmel, a comedian, actually has a sense of humor and sent clever responses to almost all of the tweets. And the rest of Twitter knows comedy when they see it — thanks to West's ridiculous anger, one of Twitter's best hashtags was born.

It was inspired by the following Kanye tweet.

#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK Who knew West was such a Good Will Hunting fan? Or maybe he prefers The Town? Either way, Twitter was all over it and Ben Affleck got some of the best free publicity of his life. Here are some of the best tweets featuring your new favorite hashtag.