12 Ways To Make Fancy Cheese Toast, Because You're a Grown-Up But This Is Still The Best Food Ever

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I have so many reasons to recommend cheese toast as a staple in your life, but chief among them is that because I eat it every day and am one of the happiest humans I know (in fact, I'm eating it as I type this, and I'm pretty sure if my mouth weren't full of cheese I would be bursting into song). I know that people tend to think of "cheese toast" as a kid's food, but there is no reason to turn your nose up at it in adulthood. In fact, adulthood is the perfect time for cheese toast, because it is criminally easy to make. In its most basic, least evolved form, cheese toast is literally slapping butter and cheese on a piece of bread and sticking it on aluminum foil in the oven. It doesn't get any more blissfully lazy than that, friends.

In fact, I'm surprised cheese toast hasn't become more of a "thing," given our universal obsession with cheese. It's basically grilled cheese except infinite, because you aren't held back by the structural integrity of trying to keep the pieces of bread on top of each other. In case you need a little inspiration to get the cheese juices flowing, here are nine "grown-up" cheese recipes to jazz up the staple we all know and love.

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