Is Kanye vs. Kimmel a Prank?

Guys, in case you missed his full-on assault on Twitter, Kanye West is really mad at Jimmy Kimmel. In fact, his vitriolic outburst of kompletely Kanye-style rage (with all kaps, of course) might just be insane enough for West vs. Kimmel to knock Biggie vs. Pac out of first place in the revered hall of rap-feuds. Who even knew that could happen? But we can't really decide if this a joke or not, because how, how does anyone get mad at Jimmy Kimmel? Just look at that face.

So in the face of such confusion, it's time to make a list. One that weighs the likelihood that this is somehow a stunt thought up by "media motherf*ckers" or if it's (gasp!) actually real. Because I still can't quite decide, and when it comes to Kanye, nothing is ever certain.

Reasons It Could Be A Prank

1) It would be a really good PR move for West. As a star who is known for his huge ego and distinct lack of a detectable sense of humor, it would be such a revelation if he was like, "Lol guys, SEE I MADE A FUNNY." We'd all be very proud.

2) Because half of West's tweets literally didn't make sense. What does Kimmel have to do with "scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures" of little North West? Kimmel makes jokes about public figures — it's kind of his job — but he isn't some evil paparazzi supervillain... or is he? (Dun dun dunnnnnnn... )

3) Compared to some of Kimmel's other Jimmy Kimmel Live skits, the one about West is pretty tame. I mean, the child actors are literally reading off things that Kanye said. If that's offensive... shouldn't he have just not said them?

4) The hashtags. Oh jesus, the wonderful, Ben Affleck-related hashtags.

5) Kimmel has fooled us before, after all.

Reasons It's Probably Not A Prank

1) We're still talking about Kanye West here. West does not joke. If we're being honest, he's even a bit of a Kuntye.

2) Jimmy Kimmel's confused, semi-pissed off response on his show makes it seem as though this is actually a real feud. Best bit is when the comedian reads the tweet about how having children read comments about Kimmel's face would be funny and Kimmel admits that, yes, it would be. Rage and Jimmy Kimmel do not mix.

3) The SpongeBob-captioned twitpic. Thems the big guns right there. When West pulls out the SpongeBob references, you know shit's gotten real.

4) If this is a prank, it is the most brilliant prank the world has ever seen. I think it's too brilliant to be anything other than what it appears. God bless you Kanye. God bless.

Verdict: This is not a prank. Isn't the world a miraculous place sometimes?