Unexpected Hair Crush: #PFW, Street Style Edition

by Tori Telfer

We'd be remiss to talk about Fashion Month without mentioning all the amazing street style that swirls around the shows. The crowds of fashionable It girls, celebrities, and fashion bloggers have become a little controversial for siphoning attention away from the designs themselves, but it's always exciting to see what fashionable hits and misses they dream up day after grueling day.

In the City of Light, dues were paid at the altar of the fantastic fall coat, the dramatic accessory, and the insouciance of the Parisian, but extra notable? The street style hair, which fell into roughly three camps, all of which you can mimic right now with nothing more than a pencil, a sprinkle of cornstarch, and a hair elastic. You'll be hard-pressed to spot the work of a blow dryer or curling iron on the street style mavens of Paris; the famous French au natural locks were everywhere, reaffirming my own personal life philosophy: Never do anything with your hair because it's too hard.

Camp one: The super-low side part.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

An extreme side part was everywhere this past week, especially on long, straight hair. Although the regular old side part may conjure up images of 6th grade school pictures, move it down an inch or two, and suddenly you've got a Look. Make it sharp (use a comb, a pencil, or a fork — like Ariel!), and aim to start the part over the middle of your eyebrow. Bad hair day? Bind the rest of your hair to your neck with the ultimate Parisian accessory — unshaved legs. Just kidding — a scarf.

Camp two: Short hair, middle part, volume.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Long-haired ladies, don't go away — middle parts are still very much en vogue for the Rapunzels among us, too. But there were a striking amount of fluffy bobs and lobs parted straight down the middle, notable for that elusive thing we're always talking about: Texture. Personally, what looks textured and effortless on a Parisian street style star looks exactly like real-life bedhead on me, but I'll keep trying. This look requires a mere three things: Dry shampoo, a bit of product on the ends, and the confidence to forget about your hair for the rest of the day.

Camp three: The severe ponytail with part.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Believe me, it's all about the part right now. Where you part your hair says more about you than your Klout score. For women with the confidence, bone structure, and bold lipstick to pull of a sleek ponytail, the preferred look was a ponytail with a part. It's daring because your face is severely exposed; it's easy because you won't have to adjust your hairstyle ever again. Middle-parted ponytails were definitely a hit, but the look simply isn't going to work for everyone. Slightly more popular was a ponytail with — you guessed it — a low side part. Just make sure your hair is pulled back tightly — too much volume, and this hairdo goes from runway model to '80s workout video.

And if none of this is working for you today, you can always reach for the ultimate Paris Fashion Week accessory: a slightly ridiculous hat.