2015 Oscar Nomination Surprises Include Deserving Blockbusters, Your Favorite Stars, & Plain Old Shockers

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Ah, awards season. That wonderful time of the year when your entire mood is determined by which celebrities a group of random people chooses to praise. You can go from completely outraged by an egregious snub to utterly ecstatic over a delightful surprise in a matter of seconds. This year's Academy Award nominees were announced on Thursday morning, and since it's early, let's start the day off on a positive note by going through the biggest 2015 Oscar surprises.

Sure, plenty of people and films were snubbed, but as upsetting as that can be, some of those snubs made room for these surprises. And for every strange, inexplicable surprise like The Boxtrolls, there's a nominee who was completely unexpected in the best possible way and will make Oscar night that much more exciting when it finally arrives on Feb. 22.

Here are the biggest surprises of the 2015 Academy Award nominees.

Image: Bob D'Amico/ABC

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