How New York Fashion Week is Going Paperless

The Fashion Weeks of years past were harried, havoc-laden, and entirely messy marathons of beautiful events that never ran quite on time. The sartorial chaos is a relic of 2014, however, as the CFDA has rejiggered 2015 New York Fashion Week for an altogether more streamlined and modern look. The past year has already proved revolutionary for the look and feel of fashion week, but 2015 may provide just the push Fashion Week needs to fit the [technological] demands of the 21st century.

The CFDA went about adjusting Fashion Week in much the same way the Council handles every other responsibility: With great efficiency and an eye on technology. Fashion Week 2015's calendar will be paperless, and only available with a subscription to the FW website. $550 will allow you 365 days of calendar access, while those who only wish to focus on Fashion Week can nab a subscription for a more reasonable $150. A graceful layout much like Google Calendar or iCal will provide you with essential information on each event and allow you to sync chosen events with your own calendar. This thankfully prevents the dreaded event overlap that typically has editors sprinting in their Louboutins from show to show.

Combined with Mercedes Benz's exit from Fashion Week and the shift away from the event's former Lincoln Center home, attendees are looking at a different Fashion Week entirely. However, a less cluttered schedule and a new home provides ample opportunity for the fresh start Fashion Week so desperately needs. Dare I say 2015 may supply audiences with the best Fashion Week in years?

Images: Getty; NYFW