22 Taylor Swift GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Our Feelings About Every Part Of Life

One of the beautiful things about being both a shameless Swifty and a decidedly late bloomer is that by the time her albums came out two years after whatever heartache she was singing about, they were entirely relevant to my messed up love life (or lack thereof). This isn't a phenomenon I've experienced alone; "There's a Taylor Swift song for that" is something people say for a reason. I remembered sad-laughing when my friend joked about it as I sat in a pool of my self-pity, boo-hooing about a boy. But later, when I really thought about it, I realized it was kind of scary true — there IS a T. Swift song for everything.

But that's old news to Swifty fans. We already know how relatable her songs are, and although we continue to use them to channel all our angst from puberty into adulthood, her songs are hardly the most relatable part about her. We are now in the middle of the golden age of the GIF, and Taylor has generously provided us many of them, perhaps far more than we ever deserved. The same way there was a song for whatever you were going through, you can now say with confidence, "There's a Taylor Swift GIF for that." Here are some of the many situations GIF Swift will help pull you through:

1. That time you found an unopened Nutella in the back of your pantry

2. That time you passed someone on the freeway after they cut you off to get ahead

3. That time someone tried to claim they've spent more time Netflix marathoning Friends than you

4. That time someone asked you to choose between Chris Pine and Chris Pratt

5. That time you told a joke and nobody laughed and someone else repeated the joke louder and everyone thought it was hilarious

6. That time you realized Love Actually is no longer streaming on Netflix

7. That time you remembered we still don't have a Black Widow movie

8. That time you ran out of Cookie Butter

9. That time you crushed your ex's Angry Birds high score

10. That time someone you thought you knew confessed they'd never read Harry Potter

11. That time you parallel parked on the first try like a BOSS

12. That time a classmate told you they'd finished the project you were about to spend an all-nighter on weeks ago

13. That time all your roommates smelled the DiGiorno pizza you were cooking and there wasn't enough to share

14. That time you were supposed to introduce someone and you totally forgot their name

15. That time someone you barely knew asked for your HBOGO password

16. That time when your college roommate sneakily hid all the booze when your parents came up to surprise you

17. That time the vending machine spat out two bags of Sun Chips instead of just one

18. That time someone reminded you Benedict Cumberbatch was already engaged

19. That time your neighbor started mowing the lawn at eight in the morning on a Saturday

20. That time you grabbed someone's glass of red wine just before it hit the carpet like a BAMF

21. That time everybody doubted your ability to eat an entire box of Thin Mints in one sitting and you proved them wrong

22. That time someone said to you "I don't know what the big deal about Taylor Swift is"

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