Bey Went Bronze, So Bring On Another Hair Trend

Remember allll the way back in December of 2014 when I predicted that metallic hair treatments were going to be as ubiquitous as the "lob" this year? Well, it's officially ON. Beyoncé dyed her hair bronze, which means that it's officially A THING. Move over, rose gold — there's a new sheriff in town! (Just kidding, I love you rose gold!!!)

Beyoncé was snapped taking in a basketball game this weekend with her famous hubby Jay Z while sporting a brand new metallic-ish 'do underneath a wide-brimmed black hat. She accented the look with some cheery pink lipstick. I love, love, love the way this shade compliments Bey's skin tone. While the bronze color isn't exactly in your face metallic, it's definitely deeper and more dimensional than a typical dye job, which is what makes it so special.

So, how did Queen Bey (or rather, her stylist) achieve this unique color? "I added highlights that lightened up her whole look with different shades of blonde, honey, and platinum," Rita Hazan, the singer's colorist, explained to Refinery 29. Basically, the secret to slightly shimmering bronze locks is about skillfully blending brown and blonde.

I'm not about to let harsh dying chemicals touch my brunette strands anytime soon, but boy is it tempting.

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images