The Hair Industry is Being Gorgeously Inspired By — And Totally Loving — Rose Gold Right Now (And So Are We!)

As per usual, I was browsing the world-wide-web for the latest styles and trends for hair (I have a very serious hair obsession, please understand) when I began to notice a trend in color that left me hot and breathless with delighted excitement (and that's a major understatement). Suddenly, my favorite color EVER was being used for hair brushes, straighteners and blow-dryers. Suddenly, my favorite color was becoming a popular hue for hair. Suddenly, rose gold hair is everywhere. (OK, so I guess the trend started surfacing back in the spring, but it's seeing an even better, brighter and far more fabulous return for the wintry months ahead.)

Rose gold just so happens to be the ultimate when it comes to the gold family — and any family, really. I suppose it could live with the Pinks just as much as it could with the Golds... but I digress! I have rose gold jewelry, phone cases, clothing, and yes, I've even once had rose gold colored hair (obsessed much?). There's just something about the color that's gentle, feminine, rich, luxurious and uniquely beautiful. It manages to mix pink and gold together in one breathtaking, magically-melded color, after all. And it's perfect. When Pantone released their 2015 Color of The Year, "Marsala," I wasn't at all shocked. I mean, this color is basically a deeper, richer version of rose gold, you know?

And it isn't just the fashion designers and makeup manufacturers who are taking advantage of this brilliant color and turning it into clothing, eyeshadows and lipsticks, ohhh no. The hair industry is all over that shit too, turning all of their accessories into rose gold must-haves and their clientele into rose gold goddesses.

Inspired by the trendy pastel hair color trend, rose gold (also known as "rose blonde") has suddenly shown its glorious head, giving us a slightly different variation of the vastly popular pink hair (a trend that I, personally, will never grow tired of). When it comes to rose gold hair, celebrity stylists (such as Guy Tang) have this color absolutely mastered. No wonder women are now dying (DYE-ing, get it?) to spin their straw-colored locks into (rose) gold wonders.

And it hasn't taken long for celebrities themselves to jump onto the glistening hair train. Many blonde stars have taken to toning their tresses with the gorgeous rosé hue, including Kate Hudson, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller and Lily Allen.

So if you're looking to glitz-and-glam up your hair styling products and accessories, or if you're craving a subtle, flirty flare to your tresses (without having to go too crazy), rose gold would be the finest of choices. It seems to be dominating not only the hair industry as the color of choice right now, but also the fashion and beauty industries in general. Always keep in mind that one can never go wrong when you go for the gold.

Images: Twitter (5); Instagram (2)