Patricia Arquette Didn't Make Much for 'Boyhood'

You won't believe how much Patricia Arquette made for Boyhood . No, really, you probably won't — the sum of her 12-year role may actually be less than the net worth of her Golden Globe statue. Although the actress did not divulge the exact dollars and cents, she told WENN that it wasn't a big moneymaker. "I paid more money to my babysitter and my dog walker than I made on Boyhood, and to be in Boyhood," she admitted, but that's not a bad thing in her eyes. She is grateful for her television roles — like on CSI and Medium — that have allowed her to make risky career decisions, since she knows her bills will always be paid. "Television allows you to make a living, feed your children, and send them to college. And to have the luxury to make choices of doing what you think matters," Arquette added, pointing out that it's important to be able to make a living as an actor.

In fact, television is next up for Arquette as she stars in CSI: Cyber, and she appreciates that TV is such universal entertainment. "The idea of network TV is you could entertain old people at home, people living in a trailer court, people who don't have money to go to movies and get a babysitter," she told the New York Times recently. "There's something very snobby about the way the film and theater community used to look at television. I love small weird art movies, and I love free mass entertainment." Looks like she won't be turning down any future Boyhood-like movies or gritty indie drama anytime soon, and hopefully her decisions will land her an Oscar for the film this year, too.