This Artist Will Tattoo Your Name On Her Body

You've probably heard the phrase about "using one's body as a canvas" thrown around a time or two. Sometimes people say this while referring to fashion; other times it's in reference to makeup, body jewelry, or tattoos. However, you've never heard it used quite as literally as you're about to. Los Angeles-based artist Illma Gore is using the same phrase to describe her new project — for which she is currently tattooing anyone's name or unique design on her own body, as long as they can pay $10. That's right: Any person, any name, or any design is fair game. Well, except for snakes and hate messages. Other than that, anything. You probably have a few questions at this point, just as I did, so stay with me for a second while I explain Gore's ultimate goal.

Gore has started a Kickstarter campaign for the project, aiming to raise $6000 — all from people requesting their names, or certain designs, to be tattooed on her body. She's already halfway to her monetary goal, but at the end of the day, this project is more about art than anything else.

"I’ve always wanted to use myself as a canvas as well as be covered in tattoos," Gore told BuzzFeed.

I know, I know, but what if people suggest ridiculous things? Because, I mean, generally speaking, human beings are just that — utterly ridiculous. There's bound to be some weirdo who suggests a design of, I don't know, Spongebob Square Pants riding a giant pickle through the Vatican or something. Honestly, there will probably be stranger requests than even that. But Gore says that doesn't really bother her.

“There is something absurd and beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers names draped over my pale goth skin, even if half of them are ‘Penis Butt,’” she said in the same BuzzFeed interview.

Well, I think that kind of says it all, don't you?

And, to be fair, I doubt any of us are willing to give so much of ourselves to our craft. Gore is passionate about tattoos and using her body as a canvas and, I would assume, connecting with strangers in new and different ways. When you look at it that way, you kind of can't help but just say "more power to ya." Well, that, and think about what design you would pay $10 for.

Images: Instagram/illmatherfuka