Fashion Month, Courtesy of the Celebrity Blogger

What's the best way to experience Fashion Month? Obviously, being a model would be awesome. Pat McGrath would do your makeup, you could beg your favorite designers for free samples, and you'd be the tallest, most nonchalant beauty at any after party. Being Anna Wintour would probably be pretty fun, too, but I have to imagine her experience of Fashion Month is incredibly stressful. Being a photographer means you couldn't wear heels. Being a designer would be nail-bitingly nerve-wracking. So even if some people don't particularly like them, the people having the most fun during Fashion Month may just be the cream of the fashion bloggers.

Bloggers get all the perks (show invites, VIP parties, photographers calling out their names), but much less editorial pressure (don't get me wrong, top-notch fashion blogs have amazing content, but when you're you're own editor, well... the pressure's off, just a bit). A lot of fashion bloggers only hit up New York Fashion Week before heading home, but the craziest ones jet-set, snap, and tweet all the way to Paris. And because it's not the Internet unless someone is writing about the Internet on the Internet, here's how the biggest names in the blogging game take on fashion month — each one as different as a (Dior-crafted) flower.

There's only one place to start: The Sartorialist. Here's where you go if you're a visuals-only type person. You won't find much chatty trend analysis, but you will find exquisite, unexpected runway details and portraits of the phenomenal street style surrounding the shows. If you want to feel like you're there without being glued to a live video feed, The Sartorialist is your best bet.

His partner in crime Garance, on the other hand, is the chatty BFF who drags you through the streets of Paris to gossip about celebrity sightings, and sneaks off with you for a croissant after the Dior show. Garance gives her readers easy, breezy Fashion Month content with videos, bite-sized trend analysis, and an awesome series called Things I Can Do Right Now (unbutton your shirt, belt your dress) — in short, it's Fashion Month handed to you on a plate by someone who only has your best interests in mind. (Also, she and I are on the same page about this scarfsee? — so we should totally grab espresso in Paris sometime... Garance? Garance?)

If even Garance is a little too glamorous for you, the Man Repeller is here to do what she does best: Infuse the sometimes stuffy world of fashion with a little humor. Her NYFW coverage was a lot more comprehensive than her somewhat spotty coverage of Milan and London, but that's because she didn't attend the later two, or so her Twitter conveys. Now that she's in Paris, you can expect her honest-but-frazzled take on the month's final countdown.

Personally, I'm a fan of Into the Gloss' straightforward approach — analysis of breath-taking backstage details, and interviews with the hair and makeup wizards who make it all happen. Follow along on their Instagram for those exclusive close-ups that we wish they'd do more of.

And if you like your updates in 140 characters or less, just rig your phone to notify you every time Twitter-happy fashionistas (not technically bloggers) like Anna Dello Russo and Cathy Horyn of the New York Times drop an informed opinion. You can pretend your friends are texting you selfies from the front row, and no one else will know better.