What Would Margot Tenenebaum Say About Goop?

This week marks the 5th anniversary of goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's "lifestyle magazine" that's either delightfully chichi or ridiculously out of touch, depending on your perspective. In an email blast about the anniversary, Gwynnie writes: "I look back and I don't even really know why I started it. What the f was I thinking?" We have a feeling some of her most iconic movie characters might feel the same way. Here, Margot Tenenbaum and Pepper Potts react to some goop tidbits and advice.

"Honesty is crucial to a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. It can help us resolve longstanding issues, find forgiveness, and deepen our relationships with the people who surround us." — August 2013, "Truth"

"Staying slim and fit is always a challenge but maintaining your girly figure after age forty can be an all out battle. Even maintaining an exact diet and fitness regimen will not beat the penalty of aging." — July 2010, "Questions & Answers"

"Terrific for vitality, weight loss and ease, these food delivery services help manifest a specific short term goal or support you if cooking is not your thing." — May 2013, "Healthy Meal Deliveries"

"I like to do fasts and detoxes a couple of times during the year." — December 2008, "Detox"

"Many of the absolute best beauty products I’ve found come from regular French pharmacies. I always stock up on these items when I’m in France or ask friends to bring some back when they’re passing through." — January 2011, "The French Pharmacy"

"We disembarked the boat to go dragon spotting and were a little trepidatious. Kimonos are carnivirous and can run up to 20kmh." — July 2011, "Indo Mag"

"I fly all the time. Like, all the time." — June 2012, "Fly Better"

"I've always wanted a one shouldered exercise top and could never find one so we've collaborated with BEYOND YOGA (who make really chic, comfortable, perfect exercise gear) to make my dream top!" — Nov. 2012, "Wish List"

"A long-term relationship between two people is an ever evolving organism." — July 2009, "Relationships Part One"