Tom May Be Replaced by Jake in 'Suicide Squad'

Leonardo DiCaprio may be to blame for Tom Hardy dropping out of Suicide Squad . Hardy was supposed to play Rick Flag, the leader of the villains-turned-reluctant-heroes in the upcoming comic book movie, but he left the film due to reported scheduling issues. Hardy and DiCaprio are currently working together on frontier drama The Revenant, and according to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, the shoot is going longer than planned, and he'll start press for Mad Max: Fury Road soon after. Hardy was set star in Suicide Squad alongside Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Will Smith, and Jai Courtney, and Jesse Eisenberg and Viola Davis are rumored to be joining the cast, too.

There is a silver lining to this news, though. Jake Gyllenhaal is being eyed to replace Hardy, which would make for an End of Watch reunion with director David Ayer. Surprisingly, Gyllenhaal has never played a comic book character in his career, even though he came close to being both Batman and Spider-Man. Back in 2012, he told ShortList that he isn't dreaming of being a superhero, but to never say never. "At a certain point you realize there’s always someone more interesting, talented and ready to do a role than you are — and you won’t get every role you go for," he said. "All I want right now is to hone my skills and become a better actor, not dream about wearing a cape. But you never know."