Gaga Looks Gorgeous Without Makeup

"Woke up like this" or maybe "Born this way," either way, the fresh-faced celebrity selfies keep on coming. Lady Gaga posted a makeup-free picture of herself to her Instagram on Thursday, and even though the singer looks totally different without her over-the-top stage makeup, she might actually look better.

But this selfie was not only sans makeup, Gaga was also topless in her Instagram snap, so she was really tapping into the "au natural" thing. It was refreshingly rare to see the usually theatrical 28-year-old singer without her makeup, crazy wigs, or avant-garde costumes, but her post is not exactly untimely. A handful of celebrities have been posting makeup-less shots to social media as of late, including Demi Lovato, who tried to start a #NoMakeUpMonday trend this week. We weren't entirely sure if that movement would catch on, but judging from Gaga's post, there's a chance it might. Although she's on the wrong day. And didn't use the hashtag. But that's besides the point.

Her costuming definitely has a place. I mean, it's branded her, that's for sure, but I think all Gaga's Little Monsters would enjoy seeing her barefaced every now and again. Now let's hope even more celebrities will join in and wipe the concealer off for us in the near future.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram/ladygaga