'Catfish' Couple Blake & Kendra May Not Be Together, But Blake Is Doing Just Fine

When I think of Catfish, I almost immediately think of the episode that featured Blake and Kiersten. It's basically the best example of catfishing out there: Regular guy falls in love with someone he's physically attracted to, tons of insane lies happen, and then he finds out the truth. In Blake's Catfish case, Kiersten turned out to be Kendra, who was using someone else's photos — and claiming to be related to David Hasselhoff and an ex-girlfriend of Michael Phelps — to chat with Blake, much to his dismay. And they didn't exactly come to a happy ending, since Kendra turned out to be kind of a jerk. So where are Blake and Kendra today?

Unfortunately, Kendra no longer exists (as far as the internet is concerned) and if she has social media profiles, she's keeping them extra hidden. This isn't exactly surprising, because Kendra reportedly (and unsuccessfully) sued MTV to stop the episode from airing. However, Blake is on Twitter and Instagram, and from the looks of things, he seems to have bounced back from his Catfish letdown and is doing fine. This is good news, because he seemed like such a nice guy on the show.

Like, this guy knows someone who's currently on The Bachelor. Her name is Samantha, and Chris Soules has yet to kick her off, so she must be doing pretty well over there!

He definitely seems to be living a very happy life, having completely gotten over all the Catfish drama.

And all's well that ends well, because Blake ended up meeting Sarah Grace (the girl whose pictures Kendra used) in real life, and they must have had a few things in common, because now they're friends. So as far as a happy ending goes, that's as close as this Catfish story is going to get. All in all, not too shabby for Blake!

And as for Sarah Grace herself? She's my kind of person, and she seems to have recovered from the shock of being involved in a Catfish ploy.

Is it time for the next season to start? I am so ready for new stories and to see Nev's rage unfold again. Fingers crossed more cell phones end up in various bodies of water!

Image: fromblake/Instagram