12 Co-Ed Bachelorette Party Ideas To Inspire You To Have The Most Epic Celebration Ever

My best friend got married this past December and, for the most part, she had a traditional wedding — all except for her bachelorette party. Instead of having a girls' weekend in Cabo or a sloppy, phallic and sash-adorned night at the club, she opted for a co-ed bachelorette celebration since a good portion of her oldest and closest friends are male. Her plan was to have a day at Disneyland and then a casual dinner with drinks at a local restaurant. Easy, fun, and exactly how she wanted to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

"Unconventional" bachelorette parties seem to be on the rise, and having a co-ed party is a great way to mix things up. I won't go too in-depth on my thoughts regarding traditional bach parties — "one last night of freedom" is kind of a bullshit concept for both genders and isn't super relevant if you've been in a committed relationship for any length of time — but I really love the idea of mixed-gender bachelorette revelry. And think about it this way: you're going to be spending lots of quality time with your bridesmaids aside from the bachelorette party, so why not include all of your friends in celebrating your pending walk down the aisle? Here are a few ways to have a co-ed bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy.

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Have a Wine/Beer Weekend

Depending on your collective taste in booze, plan a getaway to a winery or brewery hot spot. Alcohol is a great equalizer, after all.


Go to a Theme Park

My best friend was a long-time Disneyland annual pass holder, and she and her fiancé actually got engaged at the Grand Californian after a day at the park. So, it was a no-brainer that she wanted to have part of her bachelorette party there. But a theme park doesn’t have to have any special significance for you to have a co-ed bach party there. Theme parks have so much going on that it’s cool if the bridal party wants to ride Star Tours until the bride is the rebel spy and the rest of the group wants to hit the shops before meeting up again.


Go to a Fancy Dinner

Everybody has to eat, right? Dinner will be a staple for most bach parties, but if dinner is all you’re doing, go all out. Get everyone dressed up, go someplace fancy, and see how the other half lives.

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Host a Classy Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQs don’t have to be all paper plates and Coors Light (but if that’s your style, more power to you, sister). Host a classy backyard BBQ with good food, good booze, and a few backyard games to get everyone laughing.

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Attend a Burlesque Show

Maybe you’re not a fan of strippers (in mixed company or otherwise), but still want to do something a bit sexy for your bach — try a burlesque show. The amount of nudity shown varies depending on where you go, and the performers put on a great show.

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Hit a Festival

If you and your friends are music/film lovers or just want a little adventure, check out a local festival. Festivals, like theme parks, have a lot going on, which makes it easy to break off and meet up again.

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Head to Las Vegas

It might seem cliche, but Sin City has something for everyone. Vegas is basically an amusement park for adults. You and your friends can hit the casino, buffets, the pool — things everybody loves.

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Play Some Paintball

No, seriously. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good shot or not, running around, shooting your best friends with tiny balls of paint is awesome.

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Enjoy Brunch

If you’re kind of sick of dinners, host a bachelorette brunch. Mimosas, pancakes, and sandwiches appeal to everyone!

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Organize a Pub Crawl

If you have a downtown or a main street with lots of cool pubs and bars, take your bachelorette party to the streets with a pub crawl. Pick a few places and maybe even a theme — might I suggest zombies?

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Relax at the Beach

Whether you have to make a trip out of it or the sea is basically your backyard, spending some time at the beach is a great way to spend your bachelorette. Sunbathe on the sand, take a surfing lesson, or enjoy some cocktails and a massage at a beach side resort. You’ll all come back calm and tan.

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See the Great Outdoors

This is a cool option for a bride with active friends. Plan a camping trip — or even a glamping trip — with time for hiking, rock climbing, and sharing beers and marshmallows around the camp fire.

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