Josh Gad Meets Olaf, But Olaf is All, “Who the Eff is This Guy?” — PHOTOS

Some actors might get annoyed or frustrated by the inundation of questions, quips, and cutesy jokes about a movie they made more than a year ago, but not this guy. Josh Gad took a picture with Olaf from Frozen in Times Square, and he couldn't look happier to be doing it. Although, my brain does hurt a bit from seeing the two together, ya know, considering he voices the quirky yet profound snowman.

Anyhow, it seems that the picture was a little less important to the guy who was wearing the costume, because according to Gad, Olaf not only had no idea who the actor was, he didn't know who he, himself, was dressed as, either. How's that for an LOL? But Gad is a fantastically good sport and it didn't deter him from gleefully posting the pic to his Instagram account.

In fact, as I browsed through the actor's pictures, I noticed that this snapshot wasn't just a one-off thing. It turns out that Gad is a Frozen mega fan like the rest of us, and it is seriously precious to see how proud he is to be a part of the movie and to have brought Olaf to life. So, if you're ever going through a Frozen withdrawal or need a little Olaf pick-me-up in your life, take a gander at Gad's Instagram because it's a Frozen wonderland, as you'll see from just some of the pics that he's posted, below.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Josh & Olaf BFFL... Well, Sorta

Though Olaf is totally unaware of their familial connection.

Olaf Trying to Get His Chance at Being a Host on The View at Any Cost

I hear there may be a spot opening...

Josh Calling Olaf Out for Being a Total Ham

Because, let's face it, he totally is.

Arendelle Meets Springfield

So cool.

Appreciating Frozen's Anniversary, Even with the Bad Guys

Such a good sport.

Showing off Olaf's Versatility

He's like the Meryl Streep of animation.

He was Just as Confused About this as Everyone Else

Also, probably slightly perturbed.

Admitting that Maybe His Daughters Have Cooled to his Alter Ego

I suppose even toddlers have a limit.

Teasing Us with New Frozen Music

Not. Fair.

Lamenting, Just Slightly, That He Has to be in Character at Home, Too

Can you blame him?