10 Feminist Instagram Accounts To Inspire You

Instagram might be overrun with air-brushed celebrities and cats who have more followers than you, but there are still plenty of feminist Instagram accounts that prefer gender politics to the perfect selfie. Our favorite photo-sharing app allows you to connect your individual issues to global women's issues in ways that were never possible before, which is why Instagram can be more empowering than it seems.

To be fair, there is nothing un-feminist about taking a selfie or following your fave feline. Even a simple #feministselfie search (my favorite time-waster) will deposit you deep into a k-hole of badass ladies sporting glorious pit hair or riot grrl sneers or just doing their job in a STEM field. (And I need not explain why cats always have and always will be feminists.) Second place goes to #effyourbeautystandards, which reveals an ever-increasing cadre of women saying screw you to enculturated aesthetic norms. I could spend hours perusing this category, learning about new plus size models and designers or how to dye your pubic hair rainbow colors. (The latter is definitely on my bucket list).

So, if your social media tastes run a little more radical, and you're looking for less perfect teeth and sunsets and more intellectual inspiration with a side of smashed patriarchy, the below accounts have you covered.

1. Sandy

Sandy is a Los Angeles-based feminist zine with a killer IG feed. When they're not skewering misogynistic tropes, sharing the stories of wild women from history, and featuring feminist memes, they are tantalizing you with snippets from their print publication.

2. Feminist Corna

Feminist Corna is your go-to for thoughtful posts on body positivity, sobering indictments of racism and sexism in American society, and biting satirical humor. The ladies who run it also have a tumblr if you're in the mood for more text.

3. Feminist Problems

Feminist Problems is run by, "Just another feminist dealing with the everyday stupidity of society & trying to change the world one photo at a time." The posts are quote heavy and tackle slut-shaming, beauty standards, LGBTQ issues and more.

4. Go! Push Pops

Go! Push Pops is a radical, queer, transnational feminist art collective in technicolor. The costumery and installation art that these "rainbow warriors" create is kinda like a Lil Kim video directed by My Little Pony on acid. Come for the neon, stay for their political messages.

5. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox doesn't really need an introduction, so you probably already know why her Instagram rules. Images from her trans* advocacy work along with Orange is the New Black stuff and super glam day-to-day snaps make this actress/activist an easy feminist follow.

6. Bust Magazine

Bust Magazine has been around since Kathleen Hanna was writing "SLUT" on her stomach in lipstick, and their Instagram proves why they've managed to be the ultimate feminist publication for so long. Bust's feed includes pics of ladies they feature in the magazine along with shots out and about from art openings, concerts, and their awesome feminist craft fairs.

7. Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel is a non-profit clothing company that makes feminist swag and donates their profits to gender equality causes. They also happen to have a pretty great feed, featuring some of their choice creations and the people who wear them, (which include a lot of pizza and cat references).

8. Witchcraft and Feminism

Witchcraft and Feminism is great at calling out ridiculous sexism in the media and our culture at large all while staying witty and on point. Some really clever original stuff as well as choice cuts curated from Tumblr, Twitter, and beyond.

9. Rookie Magazine

Rookie Magazine might be geared towards teenage girls, but their appeal is all ages. Rookie's IG feed splices in content from the mag, on the town, and from young feminists at Rookie meetups around the world. (Plus the occasional jailbait hunk.)

10. Lady Pit Hair

Lady Pit Hair is Instagram's one stop shop for one of our most taboo subjects. With the new trend of dyeing and decorating your under arm hair, there's a lot of fashion forward furry looks here. These ladies for the win.

Images: Sandy; Feminist Corna, Feminist Problems; Go! Push Pops; Laverne Cox; Bust Magazine; Feminist Apparel; Witchcraft and Feminism; Rookie Magazine; Lady Pit Hair