John Kerry Apologizes To France In The Most John Kerry Way Ever... Using James Taylor — VIDEO

Everyone has their own way of apologizing. Some do it with a simple "I'm sorry," some send lavish gifts. Then there's the John Kerry way, which is similar to what your dad might surprise you with at your sweet 16 — sweet but painfully dorky. When America failed to show support for an anti-terrorism rally in Paris last weekend, John Kerry apologized to France with James Taylor. No, he didn't foist the singer-songwriter onto the French government. Kerry had Taylor perform his hit single "You've Got a Friend" at a Paris press conference as a way of confirming with the U.S.'s longtime ally, "Are we cool?"

Last Sunday, the world walked with France in a massive anti-terrorism rally that brought together 3.7 million people across the nation, including dozens of world leaders. But one country was noticeably absent — America, one of France's oldest BFFs. Obama skipped out on the event, as did other high-level U.S. officials, which France perceived as a major diss. I mean, you just don't do that to your best friend.

The next day, the White House issued an apology to France. Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on behalf of the Obama administration that the U.S. "should have sent someone with a higher profile," adding that they didn't know about the rally until Friday. They swear.

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Perhaps feeling like that was too feeble of an apology, the U.S. sent Secretary of State John Kerry to France on Friday for additional condolences. Before meeting with President Francois Hollande, Kerry met with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in the early morning and the two laid wreaths outside the Charlie Hebdo offices and the Jewish supermarket where the attacks occurred last week. The U.S. Press Secretary then brought out a special guest at city hall.


Proving that underneath that stoic exterior he's just a dorky dad, Kerry brought out the rock god of dorky dads everywhere, James Taylor. The folk singer took the stage to sing "You've Got a Friend" as Kerry stood awkwardly nearby.

Kerry couldn't just relax and enjoy the music, though. Like a dad, he seemed concerned about a piece of the equipment and at one point reaches over to make sure everything's OK. If Kerry reached over and fixed Taylor's collar, I don't think anyone would have batted an eye.


Then Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo went parental too and walked over to hold a second microphone up so Taylor could be better amplified. After the song, Taylor looked eager to get off the stage, but his parents called him back up for more applause. It was the definition of awkward.

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Before the trip, Kerry said in a statement:

It's an undeniably sweet and sincere message, but is it just me or does it sound like something Ned Flanders would say if he were the U.S. Secretary of State?Watch the video below.


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