7 Ways 'Frozen' Prepared Idina Menzel For The Super Bowl, Because Queen Elsa's Lessons Are Invaluable

There’s perhaps no one better to hire for a live singing event than a trained and acclaimed Broadway singer, because that’s pretty much what they do for a living. So, hearing that Idina Menzel is going to be performing at this year’s Super Bowl was more of a, "duh" to me than an, "oh wow!" Honestly, who else would you want to honor our country in song? Way to do exactly what you were supposed to, Super Bowl powers that be. I mean, I guess if you aren’t as big of fan as I am you might not have the same faith that I do in my girl Idina. But, you had to have at least seen or heard of Frozen and that in and of itself is reason enough to solidify the Super Bowl gig.

Truth be told, singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl seems like it's positively terrifying. But, if anyone is prepared for this feat, it’s Queen Elsa herself. Because, yeah, it isn't every day that you are faced with half the hardships and not-so-welcome surprises that Elsa had to put up with in Arendelle throughout her whole entire life.

So, just in case you weren’t convinced, here’s some lessons Mendel learned by portraying Queen Elsa that have prepared her for her Super Bowl performance:

How To Acclimate Well To Extreme Temperatures

Hopefully pneumonia doesn't bother her either, because Mendel's going to be leaving bitterly cold NYC to belt her heart out in the middle of a comparably sweltering Phoenix.

She'll be fine, though.

I think.

How To Handle A Mishap

Now that she's already had a few...

How To Rock Both A Provocative & a Conservative Look, If Need Be

Come at her, Fashion Police.

You won't.

How To Sing Under Pressure, Because If You Think Singing The National Anthem Is Hard, Try Singing "Let it Go" In The Tundra

Yeah, it's NBD for this gal.

How To Command The Attention Of An Unruly Audience

Drunk football fans are nothing in comparison to a sassy reindeer and a talkative snowman.

How To Remain Undeterred By Hecklers

She grew up with Princess Anna, the ultimate pain in the butt.

Sorry, Anna. It's true.

And, Most Importantly, How To Perform CPR

So the Super Bowl peeps don't even need to hire a medic for insurance purposes!

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