G.R.L.'s "Lighthouse" Lyrics & Music Video Are A Moving Tribute To The Late Simone Battle — VIDEO

On Thursday, pop music group G.R.L. premiered the music video for their new single, "Lighthouse," and it's a beautiful and incredibly moving tribute to late member Simone Battle. In September 2014, just as G.R.L.'s music was finally starting to take off, Battle tragically took her own life. Her fellow group members didn't know that she was struggling. She was 25 years old.

The lyrics to “Lighthouse” stress the importance of telling our loved ones that we'll be there for them, no matter what. It is so, so critical for people to know that they have a support system, to know that even in their darkest, most frightening moments, they have someone who they can call. On the song's chorus, G.R.L.'s four remaining members — Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton, and Paula Van Oppen — sing:

When the night gets cold and the lights go out

The sun is gone behind the clouds

And you feel lost, then I'll reach out

To guide you home with my lighthouse

I'll guide you home with my lighthouse

I'll guide you home

The "Lighthouse" video alternates between touching footage of Battle's music industry journey and scenes of the group singing together in an empty space, illuminated by hundreds of suspended lights. At the end, overcome with emotion, the women embrace, their heads no doubt swirling with memories of their dear friend.

In a new interview with People, G.R.L. shared that they're committed to raising awareness of depression and breaking down the negative stigma that so often prevents people from speaking up and seeking help. Accordingly, they've teamed up with mental health organization Give An Hour in order to "get out the word about emotional suffering."

"Mental health is important for everyone, and people need to be able to talk about it," Slayton emphasized. "And also be aware of the signs that friends and family members can look out for, in case someone close to them is going through something."

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No matter what the future holds for G.R.L., according to Bennett, Battle will "always be a part" of the group.

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