Al Sharpton Is Addressing Oscar Nominations Diversity Controversy With An Emergency Meeting That’s Incredibly Necessary

Considering yesterday's announcement of the official 2015 Oscar nominations included a glaring lack of diversity amongst top award contenders — so much so, that 2015's Academy Awards ceremony will reportedly be the first since 1998 that does not include at least one person of color nominated for Best Actor or Actress — this is certainly no surprise, and definitely called for. According to various news outlets, the Rev. Al Sharpton has called an "emergency meeting" to discuss the lack of diversity amongst 2015's Oscar nominees, which he hopes will be able to settle upon possible action that can be taken to address the major issue.

In a statement announcing the "emergency meeting" — which call for members of his Hollywood diversity task force to meet up next week in Hollywood — Sharpton criticized the Academy for the lack of diversity amongst this year's nominees, though he praised the nomination of the film Selma for Best Picture award.

As previously reported, Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs responded to backlash directed toward the Oscar nominations in a statement issued to Vulture on Thursday, denying that the nominations had a lack of diversity. Hopefully, Sharpton's meeting with the task force will, at the very least, help to address the issue of diversity — specifically, the blatant lack of it — not only for this year's Academy Awards, but for Hollywood as a whole.