Two-Year-Old Drums And Sings To The Foo Fighters

Meet Jaxon, the two-year-old epically drumming "Pretender" by Foo Fighters. What can be cuter than a mini-human skillfully drumming along to music? "Nothing at all, seriously, nothing" is the only correct answer. Little Jaxon not only has a penchant for drumming, but he can sing, too. In the video, you'll see this kid not only drumming his heart out, but mouthing along to "Pretender," which he knows all the words to, which is impressive all on its own. (I mean, let's be real, most kids his age are into the Barney theme song and Kidz Bop.)

If you're concerned about the volume and Jaxon's ear drums (eh, you weren't), fear not: Justin Brown, who I'm assuming is Jaxon's parent or guardian, explains that the tot is playing with, " electric drum kit and the levels aren't very loud it only sounds loud because the speaker is right next to my phone..." Okay, great!

So now that we've got that cleared up, let's just appreciate this talented little boy and his enthusiasm and passion for rock 'n roll. I'm no scientist, but I feel like he's got just as much (if not more, arguably) coordination and drumming skill than Taylor Hawkings, the Foo Fighters' actual drummer (for now). Can someone give Jaxon a record deal already? He totally deserves it.

Image: YouTube