Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman Are Not Dating, & The Actress Is Right To Be Happy About This — VIDEO

Have you heard the rumors about these The Boy Next Door co-stars? Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman have been getting cozy on couches. Now, the two are opening up about whether they are indeed dating or not. Lopez said she and Guzman are not dating in a video shared by To be more specific, Lopez said she's glad to not be dating Guzman. Why?! Well, it has nothing to do with the fact that he's too beautiful for words, or that his dance moves are off the charts, or that he is younger than her (we all know Lopez doesn't care about age when it comes to love), but it has something to do with how he handles breakups.

As shown in the video below, the two chat about the best way to end a relationship. Lopez asks Guzman, "Is there any good way to end a relationship, you know, just be friends?" Guzman replies, "You cannot be nice! No! You gotta take it like a band-aid. Quick and easy."

This answer then has Lopez declaring, "Oh my god! I’m glad you and I are not together." Guzman than says, "You'd thank me in the end. You'd be like, 'I avoided that mess.'"

So does this mean they are definitely not dating? Well, it seems that way, but you never know. Maybe they're just trying to throw us off the scent. If not, that means both are single and seemingly ready to mingle.

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