"Kylie From Target" Vine Raises One Question: Does Kylie Jenner Shop At Target? — VIDEO

Hey. We made it. Happy Friday to you, pal. But before we can call it a day, kick off our shoes, pour ourselves a tall glass o' whatever, and bask in the majesty of the fresh weekend ahead, we have one last matter to attend to. And that matter is a vine. Er, not a vine. A Vine. A viral Vine. A viral Vine titled "Kylie From Target". Here's what happens in the six-second clip: While getting her shop on at Target, the girl behind the lens notices a teen with black and teal hair. Could it be? Could it be Kylie Jenner standing in the shampoo aisle? The girl behind the lens bravely taps on the shoulder of the teen with the black and teal hair. The teen with the black and teal hair turns around.

The teen with the black and teal hair is not Kylie Jenner.

But for a moment there, there was a glimmer of hope. A glimmer of teal-colored hope that we'd get to see Kylie Jenner wandering around Target aimlessly... just like one of us normy-norms.

A glimmer of leopard-print hope that we'd find out Kylie Jenner went to Target for a specific reason ("I gotta get nail polish remover and THAT'S IT") only to end up in the check-out line with a basket full of irresistible nonsense ("WHOOPS I went nuts in the stationary aisle again") ...just like one of us normy-norms.

Does Kylie Jenner even shop at Target? Oh, you bet she does. Just like one of us normy-norms.