Kylie Jenner Revisits A Hair Color Favorite

What's "old-ish" is new again with that hair chameleon Kylie Jenner. The youngest Jenner must get bored with her dark locks quickly, since she changed her hair again, after just going gray. She ditched the granny gray hair she had been sporting recently this fall — and she is not the only one to rock the graying trend — in favor of an old favorite. Kylie Jenner went back to the blue-teal hair that she rocked this summer (and which really miffed her momager Kris). How are we supposed to keep up with all these changes, Kylie?!

Jenner is 17 and she has shown a predilection for edgy, not-like-her-sisters style. After all, she's still a teenager, and can get away with being irreverent with her fashion and image choices. And let's not forget that she has unlimited reserves of cash that allow her to mess around with extreme hairstyles and not have to deal with the consequences since she can shell out dough to fix anything that turns out to have been a bad idea. Most of her peers don't have that luxury, both financially and in regards to time.

Still, when she tries something a bit crazy for a (satellite) Kardashian, Jenner usually nails it. Her blue-tinted hair is longer this time out.

The tips are blue x teal ombre and her lips are still inflated, the discussion of which seems to bore her even more than having plain, dark hair for an extended period of time.

Ready for it?

I gotta admit, Jenner's hair changes are pretty commonplace at this point but I still always want to see what she is rocking. This kid could be a way bigger fashion influencer than her model older sister, Kendall! Yes, I know, Kendizzle bleached out her brows and has shown her headlights, but her little sis lives for drastic beauty moves. Kylie models it on IG, not the runway, providing inspo for real life.

I think that the blue/teal/green hue is my favorite of all the different colors Kylie's tried so far.

She may not be getting as much press as Kim Kardashian's Paper mag spread, but I still think Kylie is way more interesting. Get 'em girl.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram