Becky's New Boyfriend Darrell On 'Glee' Might Be The Only Open-Minded Person At McKinnley

The series that we all know and love came back in a great way as Glee tackled two important issues with powerful moments and quite a bit of class that has been inconsistent for the last several seasons. In Glee 's Season 6 episode "Jagged Little Tapestry," Becky revealed to Quinn and Tina that she had a boyfriend whom she loved, and she was worried that all of the lies she had been telling him would come back to bite her big time. Quinn and Tina immediately offered to help but when the two former Glee club-ers and Sue Sylvester finally met Darrell, they were shocked to meet the guy who made Becky fall head over heels. Quinn, Tina and Sue were all worried that Darrell was trying to take advantage of Becky due to her down syndrome. But in a fit of annoyance after an interrogation from all three, Darrell lectured the women about his true intentions and their preconceived notions of the type of relationship a person with down syndrome can have.

Of course Quinn immediately got defensive and explained that she was not a bigot, but that she was just trying to protect her friend. But Darrell was right. How could they immediately judge him so brutally? What reason did he give them of any evil intentions? By the end of the night, Quinn and Tina had a change of heart about the situation as they saw how happy Becky was with Darrell and vice versa. But Sue was just as skeptical as when she first met Darrell.


The issue was resolved pretty quickly for now. But considering Sue's continued suspicions, I'm thinking that maybe this isn't the last time we've heard about this story. But the story was quite an interesting one considering this is a real topic that has not received a lot of attention in other film and TV story lines. Do people have an inherent discomfort with the idea of a person with Down Syndrome and someone without being in a romantic, intimate relationship?

During his rant, Darrell talked about how he called the National Association for Down Syndrome and asked if it was safe and alright to date and get intimate with someone with Down Syndrome and they said it was perfectly fine. So then why should there be any issue? Becky deserves to live a completely normal life, filled with honest opinions (which she received from Santana), real conversations and normal romances. Thankfully Glee is letting her do all of these things regularly.

Images: Fox (screenshot)