6 Hybrid Fruits And Vegetables You Need To Try — Because Kale Is So Last Year

Whenever I see new hybrid fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle at my grocery store, my eyes light up… I have to try them. You can imagine my delight when I read about kalettes, a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts — those are only my two favorite cruciferous veggies ever. Though I haven’t seen them at my co-op yet, I have a feeling 2015 is the year of the kalette… get excited, people! And of course, being the fruit and veggie freak that I am, this discovery prompted me to search for more delicious hybrid food trends to try.

Apparently citrus fruits make fun mash-ups, because I found a handful I’d never heard of. Who knew blood limes (a blood orange-lime mix that’s sweeter and more edible than a normal lime) existed? And if you haven’t already seen them cropping up at stores, rainbow vegetables are all the rage these days. In my opinion, few veggies are prettier than purple cauliflower... just give me a bouquet of that for Valentine’s Day and I’ll be happy.

There’s nothing wrong with regular cauliflower or cabbage, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new produce in the kitchen. Plus, doesn’t rabbage (yep, a radish-cabbage hybrid) sound delish? So if you’re feeling adventurous, buy one of these unusual hybrid fruits and veggies next time you're at the store.

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What do you get when you mix a tangerine and a grapefruit (also known as a pomelo)? That’s right, a tangelo. Even if you’re not a grapefruit fan, you might like it. With just the right combo of sweet and sour, it’s a citrus fruit revelation.


There are a handful of names for this trendy vegetable, including kalettes, BrusselKale, kale sprouts, and lollipop kale. Whatever you call it, this kale-Brussels sprouts hybrid will be a hit.


The pluot’s already a fixture on many fruit stands, but if you haven’t tasted one yet, do. The cross between a plum and an apricot is super refreshing — and popular with craft beer brewers, too.

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Cauliflower is becoming cool again, and so is this broccoli-cauliflower hybrid. The green-hued crossbreed tastes like a sweeter version of cauliflower, and can be prepared much the same as its parent veggie.

Rainbow carrots

From dark purple to bright white, these colored carrots pack different nutrients than the traditional orange ones. Lots of local farmers are growing these now, so pick up some at your farmers’ market come springtime.

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The orange-like kumquat sweetens up the sour lime to create a not-too-tart citrus fruit. Winter’s the season for these, so pick some up next time you’re shopping.